Gearbox and Generator
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Gearbox and Generator

Avoinding catastrophic failure

Avoiding Catastrophic Failure

Scheduled gearbox inspections can help identify problems before they cause catastrophic failure and are an ideal way to reduce emergency costs.

Using video endoscope and vibration monitoring equipment our specialist team of engineers will inspect the whole gear system thoroughly. Whether it’s a planned gearbox inspection as part of a proactive maintenance programme, or an emergency inspection following a problem, Windtex has a team of specialist engineers ready to deliver the high-quality service you’re used to.

Gearbox inspection is important to ensuring maximum availability and we deliver this service.

Service Delivery

  • Our detailed evaluation of your gearbox is conducted by skilled mechanical and chemical engineers who are experienced in providing corrective advice. Our report will assist you in prioritising the action needed to ensure efficient gearbox operation.

  • Our gearbox inspections includes:

    • Inspection of gearbox components using video-endoscopy
    • Sampling of oil and lubricants
    • An extensive range of laboratory tests to cover all applications
    • Conditional monitoring
    • Diagnosis of wind turbine components and lubricant condition
  • It’s important to know that the company you chose to manage your maintenance and servicing have the expertise to establish the difference between normal wear and the advanced stages of a critical failure mode. It is important to respond to each scenario appropriately, to help maximise both the lifespan and the efficiency of such business-critical assets.