Fall Arrest and PPE
Fall Arrest and PPE hero

Fall Arrest and PPE

Inspections and certification
  • Falls from height are the single biggest cause of death and one of the biggest causes of serious injury in the workplace today. Windtex have trained and certified technicians capable of installation of many wind turbine fall arrest systems including anchor points and ladder fall protection systems. Using the latest MSA Latchways components, we can offer solutions ensuring that your employees and maintenance staff work in a safe environment.

    Windtex also specialize in the testing and maintenance of height safety systems, providing inspection and maintenance of systems and personnel protective equipment in accordance with the appropriate standards and specifications.

  • Our main concern is the ongoing safety of all personnel working at height. Safety systems require inspection and re-certification on a regular basis. During testing, all components are visually inspected for signs of damage or corrosion as well as being subject to a proof-load test where applicable to ensure they can sustain a designated load.

  • Guidance and consultation

    As part of our service we provide detailed technical guidance and design consultation. We always work to agreed drawings and specifications, which are fully costed, before beginning work on site – so customer always know in advance what they are getting.

Tested to EN795:2012

Work at height systems

Windtex technicians test all work at height systems to BS EN 795.

Once our operatives have visited site, reports are issued with typical information including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturer and type of fall protection system
  • Photographic evidence of load testing and tagging
  • Safe working loads
  • Specific equipment instructions
  • Certificates and reports
  • Exact location of all critical components
  • Installation date and previous / next retest date
  • Detail on access to the systems
  • Details of operatives who have attended site and your best contact details