Blade Inspection & Repair
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Blade Inspection & Repair

Increased Blade Longevity and performance
  • Wind turbine blades are expected to operate for 20 years in all kinds of weather. That makes it important to carry out regular service and maintenance on the blades. With more than 5 years of experience in blade inspections and repair, our teams boast broad expertise and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the blade. This track record provides the grounding for continuous improvement with regards to technical solutions and developing the skills of our staff.

    As experts in blade repair and service we have participated in leading edge maintenance campaigns for many years and have built up competences relevant to different technologies.

  • Our wide-ranging expertise covers all major wind turbine models and includes both retrofit work as well as scheduled service and maintenance.

    We offer everything from specific services on an individual technician level, to complete service teams with project management and full-scope solutions.

    Detailed inspection reports are supplied documenting the problems along with recommended repairs and suggested timelines. Inspection prior to warranty expiration is highly recommended. Regularly scheduled inspections every 1 or 2 years are also highly recommended to catch and repair minor damage eliminating/reducing costly repairs.

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Rope Access Technicians

We are able to deploy an expert close visual inspection of the blade to correctly classify levels of damage, using rope access techniques as the quickest method to save on lost production.

The need for rope access solutions has increased over the years and has become a cost-effective viable alternative to mechanical platforms. With over 10 years of specialist rope access experience we have been able to provide a global service to even the most demanding situation.

All our employees are independently trained and assessed by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and first aid trained.

Services Included

    • Ice impact damage
    • Tip repairs
    • Repair to cracks and faults
    • Lightning Damage
    • Laminate damage
    • Leading edge erosion repair
    • Shipping and construction damage
    • Trailing and leading-edge splits
    • Vortex Generator Installations
    • Lightning protection systems