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Windtex in Croatia

Posted 23rd June, 2022
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New Partnership!

Windtex team up with Fifth Force at Ravna 1 Wind Farm

Windtex are pleased to announce a successful blade repair campaign on the island of Pag in Croatia with new partners Fifth Force.

Windtex were contracted to supply experience blade technicians to work with their existing teams on some highly technical blade repairs.

The campaign is in full swing and the repairs are currently ahead of schedule.

Ravna Wind Farm

Croatia's first commercial wind farm

Ravna 1

Croatia's First Commercial Wind Farm
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Fifth Force Partnership

Exceeding expectations

Windtex have built a strong partnership with Fifth Force after this years successful project in Croatia. The technicians worked together extremely well considering language barriers and differences in work procedures.

Systems and procedures were adapted to suit both companies without any loss of quality or compromising safety and all technicians took the changes on board smoothly.

Windtex look forward to working with Fifth Force again in the future.

"Work­ing with Fifth Force is a plea­sure, they have very sim­i­lar work ethics to Wind­tex and our pro­ce­dures and work­ing meth­ods have aligned very well."

Scott Wilkinson Blade Technician - Windtex