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Latest Fire Damaged Turbine

Posted 6th April, 2021
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Windtex visit Ukraine

A seriously testing project!!!

Windtex have just completed the decommissioning of a fire damaged wind turbine in Kherson near Crimea. The work was completed successfully in collaboration with Wind Turbine Engineering from Ireland.

The project had a very slow start due to the scale of preparations and planning for a UK team to be able to work and remain compliant in Ukraine. The project's timeline also took a hit because of the situation with Covid-19 and further restrictions which were applied.

A project plagued with bad weather!

Snow, Ice, Wind and -35c Temperatures

  • As well as project delays and a global pandemic, mother nature threw everything at the team. Quite often the technicians had to deal with ever changing weather from severe snow storms and black ice on every road to the extreme cold temperatures.

    A project of this nature has to be planned differently to working on any other wind turbine due to the exposure levels the team experience. There are no nacelle walls to shield the wind and no roof to protect from snow and rain.

  • Freezing temperatures for the majority of January and February meant the conditions 'up top' were also very tricky due to slippery metal surfaces, mixed with a covering of oils which had leaked from damaged oil hoses on the nacelle.

    Added to the usual expected winter conditions were the high winds making available work windows few and far between. Especially when man riding basket use was involved.

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Component Removal

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Successful lifts Carried Out Safely

Aside from the weather hindering lifting operations, the heavy components were lowered to ground safely and efficiently.

All 3 blades were removed individually, followed in order by the hub, generator, drivetrain, chassis and tower sections.

As always WTE excelled with the lifting operations and showed how valuable their experience is on this type of project.

Nights.......... Action!

  • Due to the restrictions for lifting in high winds, the team often had to plan for working night shifts to make use of good weather windows not available during daylight. Risk assessments were reviewed and several changes were made to enable the team to operate safely.

  • Lighting towers were placed strategically around the exclusion zone to create near daylight conditions. Additional lighting was set up on the turbine and powerful head torches were used. Additional rest periods were also given for technicians after long shifts.

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A big thank you to all involved

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Thanks to the Team!

Although the project was testing at times, the Windtex fire damage team completed the project successfully and without any incidents.

If you experience an unfortunate event like this and need to speak to our management team, please get in touch using the button below where you will find our contact details.