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Fire Damage Support Specialists!

Posted 9th January, 2023

The Facts!

    • Due to an increased number of wind turbines installed across the world, it is inevitable that fires are going to occur from time to time and can be caused by several things.

      Fires can occur in distinct locations and heights and may involve various fuels and ignition sources. A wind turbine’s primary objective is to produce electricity. Hence, several possible ignition sources exist from ground level and in more than a few wind farms, from underground levels up to more than 140 metres above ground. A recent study noted that over 340 wind turbine fires had been reported over the last 20 years.

    • Fuels can include electrical cables, plastics, and even textiles, any and all of which can also be found at all heights. Since the construction materials used in these towers and their components will invariably include plastics and possibly some combustible metals (e.g., titanium and aluminium, among others), as well as relatively easily deformable metallic structural and enclosure materials, the consequences of a fire in a wind turbine can be disastrous.
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Safety is Paramount!

Since 2012 Windtex have been involved in the making safe and deconstruction of many fire damaged wind turbines, on different technologies across Europe. We have generated a safe and effective method of dealing with them in a safe manner.

As with any task Windtex Engineering carry out, health and safety are the most important aspect. The teams that carry out this work are trained to very high standards and they all hold certification to IRATA and GWO standards.

We produce fully comprehensive RAMS for each step, currently there are over 30 separate instructions that cover every task we carry out from setting up exclusion zones to strengthening damaged internal platforms. Procedures vary extensively dependant on the scale of the fire and the damage caused. We have worked on turbines that require a simple clean within the main tower section to total destruction of the wind turbine.

International Support

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International Coverage

No site is too far away!

  • Over the years we have been asked to support in many countries, this is because our clients operate worldwide and Windtex are widely known as the 'go to company' when it comes to fire damage support.

    Operating abroad is common practise for Windtex and our management team liaise with foreign legal teams to ensure we are operating in compliance with local regulations.

  • In 2021 and 2022 Windtex have supported clients in the UK, Ireland, France, Holland and Ukraine. Due to the varying locations we have worked in, we fully understand the differences in operating practises, local regulation and cultural differences.

    Windtex now operate from the UK and the US.

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