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Port of Liverpool Blade Repairs

Posted 5th November, 2019
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Complex Repairs

Lamination Repairs Finished!

Windtex have recently completed all category 4 & 5 repairs at Port of Liverpool Wind Farm near Bottle, Merseyside. This was the first trial for Windtex on a Nordex Acciona site, a client Windtex have been contracting to for almost 10 years! The audit went very well and we are pleased to know that we are now approved to carry out blade repairs on the rest of their sites.

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Wind, Humidity & Temperature

Due to the time of year when the repairs were required, the team had a constant battle with the elements. The completion of certain repairs can only be done if the wind speed, humidity and temperature are within strict parameters. The team had to be patient and wait until the weather conditions were perfect but the work was still completed efficiently. We also utilised special composite patches to enable us to carry out laminate repairs in lower temperatures.

Challenging Weather

Constant Monitoring of Changing Weather

Utilisation of Complex Weather Monitoring Software

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