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Emergency Decommissioning

Posted 19th February, 2021
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Fire Damage Project

Another successful project carried out by the Windtex Team

Following sad news that another wind turbine had suffered a catastrophic fire, Windtex were contacted to assist with emergency decommissioning.

The Facts

  • As always, a project of this nature comes with it's own set of challenges ready to throw at us.

    We understand that every time we attend this type of incident, no two are the same, in fact far from it.

    Due to it's location, environment and the time of year, we knew that this turbine was going to give all involved a few headaches along the way.

    The wind farm sits at a high altitude, roughly 500mtrs above sea level and with no shelter from weather in any direction. This meant that ideal weather windows were going to be few and far between. Careful planning was paramount to keeping downtime costs to a minimum.

  • Along with high winds that the altitude brought with it, the project had to be carried out at the coldest, wettest and snowy time of the year. The winter weather meant temperatures of -8c, and wind chill of -14c, meaning additional measures had to be taken to keep the team warm and avoid fatigue and/or hyperthermia.

    Space around the turbine was extremely tight, the layout of the turbines decommissioned components seemed to defy all logic, but again with careful planning it was carried out successfully with minimal disturbance to the surrounding land.

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The video footage below clearly shows the limited area available available to land damaged parts.

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In Collaboration with WTE Ltd

Wind Turbine Engineering Ltd

Over the years Windtex have partnered with WTE Ltd to manage the difficult task of dealing with fire damaged turbines. Both companies combined give superior expertise in safety and large component lifting services required to manage such a project. Each company excels in the services they supply and combined make the perfect partner when it comes to getting the job done on time in a safe manner.

"A spe­cial thanks to all of the Wind­tex and WTE tech­ni­cians who worked hard and for long hours to get the project com­plet­ed safe­ly. Great job guys!"

Phil Turner Managing Director - Windtex