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A Successful Campaign In Ireland

Posted 28th July, 2020

22 Operational Sites & 45 Blade Technicians

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  • The Windtex blade services division have had a very successful start to the campaign in Ireland. 22 teams are currently operational in both Northern and Southern Ireland, with works which will be ongoing until the end of this year's clear weather window.

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has obviously made projects tougher to manage this year but the extensive experience within the Windtex management team has made things possible.

  • Varying levels of blade repair are being carried out, from simple filler repairs to multiple layer lamination repairs. A highly experienced team of blade repair technicians have been selected to carry out the works.

    All Windtex blade technicians are vetted to ensure they have the correct level of competency and experience. We currently have one of the best pools of Siemens Level D blade technicians in the world.

Leaders in Onshore Wind Production

  • Ireland is the number one ranking country in the world for producing the greatest share of its electricity from onshore wind, according to a new report.

    The annual Renewables 2020 Global Status Report shows that Denmark produces the most amount of electricity using both on and offshore wind energy combined, relative to its electricity demand; however, Ireland produces the most amount of energy onshore relative to our demand.

  • The report comes from multi-stakeholder group REN21 ((Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century).

    The research shows that last year, 32.5% of Ireland’s electricity came from wind power. While this is second to Denmark overall, which met an estimated 47% of its energy demand from wind, the Danes have the “advantage of a large and developed offshore wind industry”.

Ireland is also one of only four countries in the world – the others being Denmark, Germany and Uruguay – which met more than 30% of demand last year from variable renewable electricity sources, like wind or solar power.